Saturday, March 13, 2010

Crocheted Royalty

Only a few weeks ago I found out that Queen Victoria crocheted so I must admit I was looking closely at Emily Blunt's hands while watching The Young Victoria (2009).  Unfortunately no crochet was seen - one can live in hope.

Crocheted Memories note that Queen Victoria "learned to crochet around the time of the Potato Famine in Ireland, when many Irish were crocheting to eke out a living. There is at least one photograh in existence of Victoria crocheting. (She also encouraged the growth of the Irish crochet industry by buying some of the lace, which prompted members of her court and fashionable people to do the same)."  So while she was crocheting my ancestor was being deported to the penal colony in Australia

If you want to see a Photo of Good Old Queen Victoria crocheting go to Crochet! Magazine. To see some of her handy work check out The Sunroom's blog which shows a picture of a scarf she crocheted for her forces fighting in South Africa. 

I think I might just make my own royal scarf using the pattern The Sunroom kindly shared when I have a spare few hours.

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