Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Blog Love: Artshushus

A few weeks ago I came across Violet's Blog Artshushus by Violet on the Etsy Dust Forum.

I liked her shoes so much I sent a link to her Etsy store to a great friend and namesake of my second child because his wife LOVES shoes and this would be the ideal gift for her.

What impresses me about Violet is that she runs a great weekly showcase of Australian  Etsy Artisans (which I was fortunate to be part of this week) on her blog and she has great taste in Music.  I'm not generally a fan of music on blogs/web pages etc because you tend to be inflicted with someone elses music taste.  One friend has Michael Jackson blaring on her site and drives me nuts - You know how you are :)

But I must admit I have kept Violet's blog open today as I was working away on my Mac because she has a great mix if music.

Keep up the good work Violet.

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Violet said...

Thankyou so much for the great post! You are very gracious.