Sunday, March 07, 2010

Billycart Market Logos

No one told me when I was starting out on this adventure how much time I would spend on the computer rather than creating the items I was selling.

Yesterday was a good example. In the time that I would take me to make a beanie (approx 4-5 hours) I created these logos for the Billycart Markets - a market my Sister Elizabeth (the Liz of When Sarah Met Liz) are sharing.

Don't get me wrong it was fun and I got to use my creative side in a different way. It just took a long time to get something I was happy with. Yesterday made be very thankful that I took a Photoshop Course as an elective at Uni. Actually I'm very lucky, I would never in a million years think that all my years working in Administration and my Uni studies would have helped me out with my little crocheting business.  At times during my life as a SAHM I've often thought that my Uni studies were a waste of time.

I hope you like them - I was aiming for Bright and Modern. 

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