Friday, February 26, 2010

Wool Order - Yeah!

Yeah - I've had enough sales lately to buy some more wool!!  I don't care what anyone says a deliverey of wool, especially of when it contains new colours that I haven't used before. 

I purchased the following colours: 
  • Black
  • Blue Denim
  • Bracken (shade of green)
  • Brick (shade of red)
  • Lake (shade of blue)

I can't wait to see them and work out which combinations are going to work with the other.  These are all for my boys Sk8ter Beanie range but may be used for a some girl beanies. 

I've worked out the pattern for the 4-6 year old beanie, I now need to work out the pattern for the toddlers 1-3 years. 

Its a very exciting time - watch this space!

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