Friday, February 26, 2010

Sun, Surf and Crochet

Last night we had dinner down the street at the beach. We really should do that more often, the kids love the water and they enjoyed doing something different at dinner time. I can't believe the summer holidays are nearly over!
Later last night I finished off an order of a cute Lavender and Pink Blossom beanie. This is a new creation of mine, which was inspired by a ladies beanie. I've called it the 'Jayne' Beanie after Brett's cousin. It was created from the bottom up, which is a little unusual for me but it does make the possbilites of adding some cool patterns into my work, ones which I wouldn't be able to do otherwise. I have edged it in Pink Blossom and added a two tone flower. I hope you like the 'Jayne', which will be out in different colours in March-April.

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