Friday, February 26, 2010

The kindness of Bloggers

Originally Posted by cpercydesigns at 12:39 AM on February 16, 2010

I've been honoured this week with two blogs posting pictures and links to my wears.  It was unexpected and brought a smile to my face.

One from Jessica from Imagination In Flight a fellow 'Hooker' aka Crochet Lover

and the other from Ank Bowtique

Both have stores on and are on the MadeIt Forum

Skater Boy Beanie

Originally Posted by cpercydesigns at 12:57 AM on February 12, 2010

This week I've been working on creating a number of Size 4-6 years Beanies for my winter 2010 'Skater Boy' Collection. 

Skater Boy Beanie in Lake

DS #2 was my model today and we took the photos over the road at the RFS.  It was a pretty hot day today so I was lucky that DS was willing to put on some winter clothes to take these pictures.

Skater Boy Beanie in Brick

These crocheted boys beanies have been made using 100% pure wool from Bendigo Woolen mills.  I am in love with these colours and I've beeh having fun putting various combinations together.  I'm also very happy with the way the benaie sits on the head and the thickness of the wool.   

Click on the link to view more Skater Boy crocheted beanies.  These Beanies will be for sale at in the next couple of days. 

Now I'm off to make the Size 2-3 years pattern. 

Queen sang "I want to ride my bicycle"

I just just uploading some photos of my sister's wears to my Photo Gallery and I remember a time when I was about 15 and I was camping with my Venturer unit.  I remember this boy called Robert, who I was keen on, singing out loud over and over again "I want to ride my bicycle".  The unit was very keen on Queen and The Violent Femms at that time and I had yet to discover either.  Oh to be care free and 15 again!

Its been yet another busy week, with DS 5 yrs off to school and the two little ones with me.  To be honest its been fun, I've been spending lots of quality of time with DS 3yrs and DD 11 months, something i haven't really had a chance to do with DS 5 yrs around.

I've been working on a joint application with Liz to be part of the Billy Cart Markets which is taking place on 27th March 2010.  Its a tad expensive but we've decided to put an application in.  Please keep your fingers crossed for a stall.

UPDATE 7/2/10:  We've been accepted!!  I hope to see you on the 27th March.

My little corner of the world

I have been inspired by craftzine's series on craft spaces, its been great to snoop on other peoples spaces.  Below are some photos of my craft space aka my dumping ground.

Its just a little nook in our lounge room which use to be a bar.  I've got my trusty Mac, my magazines and books, my tools, supplies (well some of the rest of the wool and cotton are hidden away in the linen press) and some art work I picked up in 1998 when I was on my life changing internship in NYC.  Of course my DD is in the pictures because she is my muse and my little shadow.

Enjoy this little snap shot into my craft space - maybe I should show these pictures to my DH, he'll be surprised to see it so tidy smile.

Ribbit Ribbit

Its been a very busy week.  My best moment though was watching Mr 5 and Mr 3 jump around like frogs after seeing 'The Princess and the Frog' big grin - they were so cute and reminded me that they are still very young.

I've been very creative this week - below is a collage of this week's crocheting achievements.

Wool Order - Yeah!

Yeah - I've had enough sales lately to buy some more wool!!  I don't care what anyone says a deliverey of wool, especially of when it contains new colours that I haven't used before. 

I purchased the following colours: 
  • Black
  • Blue Denim
  • Bracken (shade of green)
  • Brick (shade of red)
  • Lake (shade of blue)

I can't wait to see them and work out which combinations are going to work with the other.  These are all for my boys Sk8ter Beanie range but may be used for a some girl beanies. 

I've worked out the pattern for the 4-6 year old beanie, I now need to work out the pattern for the toddlers 1-3 years. 

Its a very exciting time - watch this space!

And the winner is ....

In the end I decided to have two draws as the first winner was my Brother-in-law Travis Percy.  The second winner was Hazel Wollbrinck from My Gemstone Designs.

So two pairs of my 'Be My Valentine' hairclips will be popped in the post on Monday!

For those who want to know how I came up with my winners I used the Integer Generator created by It gave me the winning numbers, so all I had to do was count!  See Plain Jane Mom's blog for further details.

Sun, Surf and Crochet

Last night we had dinner down the street at the beach. We really should do that more often, the kids love the water and they enjoyed doing something different at dinner time. I can't believe the summer holidays are nearly over!
Later last night I finished off an order of a cute Lavender and Pink Blossom beanie. This is a new creation of mine, which was inspired by a ladies beanie. I've called it the 'Jayne' Beanie after Brett's cousin. It was created from the bottom up, which is a little unusual for me but it does make the possbilites of adding some cool patterns into my work, ones which I wouldn't be able to do otherwise. I have edged it in Pink Blossom and added a two tone flower. I hope you like the 'Jayne', which will be out in different colours in March-April.